The Guide to Digital Presence Management: Whitepaper

We’ve released a new white paper today about what local digital presence management is, why businesses should care, and best practices for creating a strong digital presence for business locations that effectively drives both online and offline store traffic.

From the official blog post:

This paper is intended to be a resource full of data, facts and examples. For this report we conducted a survey of 100 digital marketing professionals with results that clearly demonstrate the pervasiveness of inaccurate business listing information, and prove how big of an issue this is for both businesses and the consumers searching for them. […]

The main goal of managing this presence information effectively is to ensure that the most critical business information is always complete, up-to-date, and easily discoverable for searching customers in order to drive offline sales in brick-and-mortar locations.

The challenge here is that the infinite nature of the Internet and sheer number of local search sites and apps where this data lives has led to a fragmented local search ecosystem with increasingly scattered information. This has left businesses scrambling to find a scalable and effective way to maintain the quality and discoverability of their listings.

Partners can download the whitepaper here from the Yext Offers site.