Revamped Help Resource for Partners

We’ve revamped how Partners can get questions answered, especially when our phone lines are closed.

We’re proud to introduce Partners to the new Help Center. After several weeks of careful work, we’ve put together a centralized resource for Partners to get answers to burning questions, help with setting up clients, in-depth walkthroughs of features, and other information.

What’s New
We’ve revamped the way Partners can find answers to their burning questions and added some great new features, including:

  • Fully Searchable Knowledgebase — The Help Center is fully searchable, meaning Partners can find exactly what they want right when they need it.
  • Create Tickets from Articles — If you need assistance beyond what each knowledgebase article provides, you can reach out to our Services and Support team directly from the article.
  • Continuous Improvement — Each article has a positive/negative rating option; choosing one helps us make this space more useful to Partners.

The content is gathered from the resources Partners are already familiar with — technical documentation, training and support phone calls, the FAQ on the Partner Community website, and blog posts we’ve sent Partners in the past.

We’ve linked the new Help Center from the main navigation menu, replacing the “F.A.Q.” link pictured above, and we will update various links around the site to reflect this change. Everything that was contained in the old FAQ is in the new Help Center, and several articles go into further detail!

If you feed any information is missing from the Help Center, please don’t hesitate to let us know!