Product Update: New Listing Scan Feature

We’ve updated the Listing Scan with some more customizable options!

You can now customize the Scan Results page a little further. In addition to the usual suite of branding options for the Listing Scan, you can now alter the text from the default “Learn More” to a callout more in line with your goals for potential clients.

Applying the Change

First, go into Account Settings and select “Branding” from the list on the left.

You’ll see a page like this:

If you click on the “Scan Result Page Only” slider, on the right, the view will change to this:

On the right, you can see five options: Secondary Button Color, Secondary Button Text Color, Contact Email, Call to Action, and Call to Action URL. You can now alter these to better reflect your brand. Simply make your changes, then click “Save” at the bottom.

Your screen should then look a bit like this:

You’ll see this change reflected in the listing scan results page. In our example, the scan results looked like this before the change:

And like this after:

As you can see, the text on the button changed.