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Trinity Sports focuses on the training, support, and equipment needs of every triathlete.  We work with each client wherever they are in their journey of fitness and competition, from the first-timer to the seasoned veteran.


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  • Triathlon Gear
  • Like the NRG Full, the NRG Sleeveless features exclusive Ultra Light weight Speed Skin neoprene combined with Ultra Soft Coated Skin neoprene to provide unmatched buoyancy, flexibility and comfort. 5mm Speed Skin neoprene on the chest panel allows for ideal positioning in the water with less surface resistance. A 3mm back panel permits maximum range of motion for efficient stroke performance. Liberal arm openings further enhance swim efficiency, while the arm area is constructed of Nylon laminated neoprene trimmed in soft Lycra, ensuring a comfortable and secure seal to minimize water entry.

    Neosport Wet-Suit
  • The 2XU SC:2 Sleeveless Wetsuit offers maximum legal neoprene thickness (5mm) and 39 cell rubber for maximum buoyancy. The suit has SCS coating for decreased friction. It also features uninterrupted chest to hip paneling without any seams, which decreases drag. The suit has 2XU's Rollbar region, which improves buoyancy at your core & hips. The upper leg region features 5mm neoprene for maximum buoyancy and the lower leg features a release leg cut and reduced 3mm panel for quick removal and flexibility. The suit has an adjustable leg length to customize it's fit to your kick style. Just trim the length with scissors for reduced buoyancy and a more powerful kick or leave it longer to keep your legs buoyant while saving them for the bike and run. The suit also has a seamless, "chaff-free" neck panel as well as a floating zip panel.

    2XU Wetsuit
  • Introducing the New 2013 Dawes Lightning 2300 with Carbon Fork
    Handbuilt advanced engineered and lightweight Altair 1 aluminum compact frame. Shimano 105/Tiagra has 20 speeds, gives you some of the cutting edge tech of the top of the line Ultegra and Dura Ace without the budget biting price.

    Dawes Lighting 2300
  • The S22’s custom butted and shaped 7000 Series aluminum frame and UHC Performance carbon fiber aero fork combine to deliver top-shelf performance at an affordable price. The new frame has a BB30 bottom bracket for added stiffness and internal cable routing for a clean and aero’ profile. Add the aero seatpost and wheelset, plus a Tri/TT-specific handlebar extension and base, and the S22 shaves seconds off your time.

    Felt S22 Tri Bike
  • Our water bottles are free with each Wetsuit purchase

    Water Bottles
    Free with Wetsuit
  • Remodeling of the kitchen is just about the most emotional and sensitive renovation a contractor can undertake. Wasn't at all any different in this case, but the result was nothing short of a miracle in the eyes and heart of the homeowner.

    Kitchen Remodel
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  • All Greens Juice Mix
    Kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, and cucumber
    With taste booster
    With Creatine
  • All Greens PLUS
    All greens with apple, lemon, and ginger
  • Grasshopper
    Apple, pear, pineapple, wheatgrass, and mint
  • Killer XX
    Green apple, cucumber, double serving of ginger, lemon, and cayenne
  • New Fruit Juice!



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  • Reviews
  • The staff at Trinity Sports is amazing! They are athletes themselves, very passionate, and informed. They took their time listening to what I wanted and made great recommendations for bikes in my price range. I highly recommend this store to other athletes.

    Awesome Staff!
    stars "4.5 out of 5"
  • This store has a great selection- I appreciate the variety of gear. They also price match, which is great so you can find a competitive price online but buy in store so you can see & touch what you're buying.

    Love this store!
    stars "5 out of 5"
  • This store has all kinds of gear for swimmers, bikers, runners and triathletes! They also have great triathlete packages with everything you need.

    Great selection!
    stars "4 out of 5"